The Board

JWC 2018-2019 Board Members

President – Emma Bernay: Email the President

President Elect – Becca Barry: Email the President-Elect

Membership Co Chairs – Tess Harper & Shanna Brichler – Email the Membership Chairs

Disbursements Chair – Denise Litter, E-Mail the Disbursements Chair

Service Chair – Carrie Murray, E-Mail the Service Chair

Fundraising Chair – Ashley Lippert, Email the Fundraising Chair

Program Chair – Lynn Haid, Email the Program Chair

Publicity/Social Media Chair – Katie Freedman Email the Publicity Chair

Treasurer – Erin Warman, Email the Treasurer

Social Chair – Aubrie Welsh, Email the Social Chair

Secretary – Erin Daugherty, Email the Secretary

Technology Chair – Amy Cielak, Email the Technology Chair

Ex-Officio – Jennifer Dillhoff, Email the Ex-Officio