Dues 2023


Dues are not mandatory but a suggested donation of $50 per member would offset our yearly operation cost

Please select your fundraising choice. Generally you are expected to give at least 7 hours to your fundraiser for the year. If you have questions, please email Sarah at fundraising@jwc-wyoming.org.

All members will be encouraged to support service opportunities throughout our community.

Look out for the monthly Sign Up Genius to participate. Please note that you will be expected to give at least 7 service hours for the year.

This will be used to toast members during their birth month.

Please let us know about any accommodations you need to help you fully participate in meetings and events (e.g., language, electronic agenda).

Preferred Pronouns: * 


On behalf of the Future of JWC Committee and the focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the following questions are being asked in an effort to better understand the demographics of our members.

**Please note that this information will only be used internally.**

What is your age? * 

How would you describe yourself? * 

What is the highest degree or education level you have achieved? * 

Marital Status: * 

What is your current employment status? * 

To which sexual orientation do you most identify? * 

What is your top reason for joining or continuing your engagement with JWC? * 

What draws you to JWC? *

Other than the options above, is there anything you would like to add about what has made you interested in joining or returning to JWC? This question will be used by the Future of JWC Committee. Thanks!

Would you or someone you know (e.g., spouse) be interested in being a JWC sponsor? Please leave contact information here or email sponsorship@jwc-wyoming.org.

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