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  • May Buffet
  • Ronald McDonald SUG
  • Summer Social

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone is having an amazing start to their Summer!! We won’t be having weekly updates until we get closer to August, but we will send one out if there is info to share and things going on with JWC. If you have any questions please reach out to Ellen Michael (ellen.d.michael@gmail.com or 513-265-2682).

May Buffet

THANK YOU all new members and everyone that helped preparing and hosting May Buffet!! It was so fun and the theme, food and decorations were awesome!! It was a great celebration for our members and our recipients!!

Ronald McDonald SUG

We typically don’t do service projects in the summer but when one of our members need some extra love and support we make an exception. As many of you know Michelle Otten’s son is at Children’s awaiting a heart transplant and they are utilizing the Ronald McDonald House for support. It came to our attention that the Ronald McDonald house is low on supplies for it’s families. We are hoping you can help us fill their cabinets and cupboards up so that those families staying there have one less thing to worry about. Check out how to help with the SUG below and Michelle Pietrantano Otten know that in addition to these donations our prayers and support are with you in whatever way you need!


Summer Social

Save the date for JWC Summer Social, Sunday July 31st. It will be fun for the whole family!!

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