04.25.22 JWC Weekly Update

Executive Summary:

  • Spring Social
  • May Buffet
  • April SUG

Spring Social

Alright, it’s finally here! Looking forward to seeing those who can join us on Friday at 7pm for our Fowling Event featuring ‘seltzer fest’! Those of you who have paid Aubrie via Venmo, she will send you a digital ticket for entry this week for your VIP access. Anyone who did not yet purchase a ticket, there are a few ways to do so. Either visit the website to purchase online if you plan to partake in the ‘Seltzerfest’ portion of the event. If you do not plan to ‘Seltzer Fest’, you may buy an “ENTRY” ticket at the door for $19.99 that lets you in for Fowling (and to purchase drinks as you need at the bar). Questions? Let Aubrie know, and we’ll see you there on Friday! We have one VIP Lane reserved near the bar.


May Buffet

On Behalf of the New Members – We are excited to celebrate JWC’s Community Partners at the May Buffet. Join us for an Around the World May Buffet! Enjoy an assortment of appetizers and drinks from various countries as we celebrate the great philanthropies we have grown to love and support this last
season. Click below to Register. Suggested ticket donation is $20.00.


April SUG


Please help our friends at Friends of the Public Library, a non-profit committed to literacy, their Warehouse is located 1 block south of Wyoming and houses all of the books that are donated to and discarded by the Hamilton County Library system.  All of their profits are funneled directly back to the Library system.  Chair: Becca Barry (beccabarry@jwc-wyoming.org). Please sign up if you can help or contact Becca directly if you have any questions!!

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