12.15.21 JWC Weekly Update

Executive Summary:

  • December Service and Sign Up Genius
  • Calendar and Blog

Happy Holidays!!

We hope everyone enjoys time with their family and friends during the holiday break!! We will see you all in 2022!!

Thank you for a wonderful Light Up!!

It was a great night for not only JWC but also the city!! It looked beautiful all lit up and the Village Green was hopping!! Special shout out to Becky Gilbert, Victoria Reed and Kara Berling!! Thank you for amazing holiday celebration for the 35th anniversary!!

December SUG

Happy Almost December!! Spread that holiday cheer by signing up!! There are supplies needed for the Carthage Art Kit have a tight deadline. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with time with loved ones, relaxation and pie. Reach out with questions to Katie Conrad!!


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