4.20.21 JWC Update

Executive Summary:

* April General Meeting Update
* May Buffet Evite
* April Service SUG

April General Meeting

The April General Meeting is tomorrow. The meeting will be virtual due to the expected cold weather. A zoom link will be shared soon.

We will be voting on disbursements as well as board placement for next year.

May Buffet

Save the NEW Date: May Buffet May 12 , 2021 @ 7pm at the Wyoming Golf Club

Please RSVP and purchase your tickets by May 4th. ttps://www.evite.com/event/01BEEHQMZLL2D4NSOEPLS6X44KZ75M/

JWC Board

2021-22 Proposed JWC Board Slate

Next year’s proposed board slate is as follows and we’re excited to welcome 5 new members:
President: Kate Wenning
President-Elect: Ellen Michael
Ex-Officio: Amy Cielak
Service: Katie Conrad
Fundraising: Becky Gilbert
Treasurer: Kelly Hill
Program: April Robles
Social: Aubrie Welsh
Secretary: Megan Chrapliwy
Publicity: Carrie Geygan
Disbursements: Cori Grandle
Membership: Victoria Reed
Membership: Beth Cornella
Sponsorship: Kelly Miliano
Technology: Lisa Gozal

All positions are uncontested and we will vote by acclamation during the April General Meeting.

April Service Sign Up

Happy April!  This month’s SUG is a light one but has some AMAZING opportunities to get out.  Kudos Kids will be hosting an in-person event to sew pillowcases!!!  Make sure to grab your spot on Chyi’s new porch.  We will also be helping out two local volunteer events.  First, we will be assisting in food donation/collection for a new organization in Wyoming.  Please use the link on the SUG for their google form to sign-up but also put your name on the SUG here so I can track hours.  We have also been asked for help with Wyoming’s UpCycle Day (hello Freebox on steroids), volunteers will help with directing cars and unloading.  Again, please use the link on our SUG to go to their SUG to officially register but include yourself on ours for tracking purposes.  Let me know if this is confusing or if you have any other questions.  Can’t wait to see you all out and about!!!  Katie McMenamin, katieconrad@jwc-wyoming.org, 937-304-7083.

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JWC Club Calendar:

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See you (virtually) tomorrow!

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