3.24.21 JWC Update

Executive Summary:

* March Meeting
* March Service
* Join the Board

March Meeting Follow -Up

It was great to see some of you at the March meeting. Please feel free to read over the meeting minutes.

A virtual meeting will take place on April 1st at 8pm to further discuss disbursements.


Thank you Erin Daughtery, Raquel Bevington and the entire Shamrock committee for all of your hard work making our final fundraiser a success! The organization, communication, and flexibility was just impressive.

May Buffet

Save the Date: May Buffet May 19, 2021 @ 7pm Location: TBD, but at an outdoor shelter of some sort!

So that we know our budget, we need to determine how many members will attend May Buffet. Please complete this one question survey ASAP.

March Service Sign Up

HAPPY SPRING!!  We have some great organizations we are focusing on in March along with our regular awesome service organizations.  Please check out the SUG below and SIGN-UP to get involved this month.  A few notes about the SUG:

  • There are two dates to sign-up for providing a meal to foster homes, you will be cooking/baking ONE ELEMENT of the meal at your home which will be picked up for delivery on either Mar. 19th or Mar. 30th.  Please have your dish ready by 5pm for pick up.
  • Deliveries to the WCS primary teachers will be made Mar. 12th & 26th, please drop your donations at the bin at the front door of 359 Brocdorf before these dates
  • Kudos Kids is going to organize an evening to get together to make pillowcases (YAY!) when you sign up please put down evenings that work best for you.  If weather allows, it will be outside, if not it will be over Zoom
  • Friends of the Public Library and Heartfelt Tidbits are continuing their awesome collections/projects – please check the open spots out on the SUG

As always reach out to me with any questions/concerns – katieconrad@jwc-wyoming.org or by text at 937-304-7083.

Board Positions

Sponsorship Chair Needed:
Please consider joining the JWC Board as our Sponsorship Chair! It’s an important position that you may not know much about so here’s a little info from former Sponsorship chair Katie Conrad:
– All the work is done by October!!  – So many of the sponsors are local organizations with strong connections to the club so it is an easy conversation to have and low pressure!!  I never ever felt like I was having to “sell” it to anyone. (No “cold calling” necessary!)- You have a small team working with you.  As the chair I felt more like the coordinator for my team.- I found it personally to be a great way to start to get more involved, to meet a lot of people and to join in on the fun of the board.

If you’re interested or would like more info please reach out to  Becca Barry. April 1 is the deadline to let the committee know that you’d like to run for board election! For more information about Sponsorship and the other board positions, please click here.

WCIA Community Conversation

The first WCIA Community Conversation led by Amy Hull will take place on April 13th at 7pm. Click here to register.

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Hope you’re having a great week!

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