1.11.21 JWC Update

Executive Summary:

* January General Meeting
* Disbursements Survey
* Service Suggestions

January General Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing you (virtually) at our monthly meeting next Wednesday. The general meeting will be followed by your fundraising committee meeting. Please check the JWC Calendar for applicable links to the meetings.

Disbursements Survey

If you have not yet done so, please fill out this form today and share your vote about how our funds should be disbursed for the 2020-2021 year. We have received input from 45 people, which is less than half of our membership.

Know When to Hold ‘Em

JWC will host our first online Poker Tournament on February 20th. More details and volunteer opportunities to come.

Spread Kindness and Joy

A message from our Social Chair, Aubrie Welsh: “Thank you to everyone who participated in our first ever Kindness & Joy exchange.  I appreciate the Club’s willingness to try new things, and I hope everyone who participated enjoyed it as much as I did!”

We appreciate the time you spent making the holiday season more joyful, Aubrie!

Service Suggestions

Our Service Chair, Katie Conrad has done an incredible job providing us with people and places to help this fall. Now, she would love to hear from you. If you know of an organization that could use volunteers or have an idea of how we could serve others , please let Katie know.

Additionally, if you come across an opportunity for members to give back, please feel free to share with our JWC Facebook Group.

JWC Masks

If you don’t already have one, please stop by Katie Freedman’s house at 501 Chisholm Trail to grab yours from the front porch before January 31, 2021. These super comfortable masks were donated by SRO Prints.

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JWC Club Calendar:

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We’re looking forward to seeing you next week!

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