10.28.20 JWC Update

Executive Summary:
* President’s Update
* Service Sign Ups
* November Meeting
* Sponsorship Opportunity

President’s Update

Hello Wonderful Women of JWC,

Amy here! I’ve taken over the update this week. My original plan was to film a video, but {quite frankly}, I just couldn’t get it together. So this will have to do!

When we started this year, I told you that my personal mantra as your President is service over certainty. We’re only two months in and I’ve seen that lived out in this club over and over again.

A few of my favorite moments so far include:

  1. How Ashley Tubb and Ellen Michael pivoted to create a massively successful mums fundraiser! The beautiful plants on my porch make me smile daily.
  2. Seeing you all sign up for services to help others! Fun fact. A JWC member has volunteered for over 1 hour for every day of October. Amazing!
  3. Hearing the Fundraising Committees work together to creatively tackle pandemic-friendly plans.
  4. Having fun at the Village Green Social! Thanks again, Aubrie!
  5. Receiving thank yous from last year’s beneficiaries. It’s so fun to see our hard work come full circle!

All of this reminds me of the famous Margaret Thatcher quote: “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” This club gets things done!

There’s no doubt that we will have uncertain times ahead, but this group truly knows how to create so much positivity even when things are difficult. I continue to be so proud to be by your side.

In service,


October Service

A note from our Service Chair, Katie Conrad:

Happy Fall!  As discussed at our last general meeting we will be doing service a little different this year and rather than focusing on individual committees we will be publishing a list of service needs each month and members can feel free to sign-up for activities that work best for them!  There are a variety of activities available this month, some that can be done alone at home or in small groups.  Donations can also be made if you are tight on time this month and still want to give.  Each activity has a point person listed at the top of the Sign-Up Genius please email them or myself with any questions.  Some of the activities have specific deadlines but if not listed we ask that you complete them all by Oct. 31st!  Happy to serve with you all.  

Please click here for the October Service SignUp.

November Meeting

The November 18th General Meeting will be held at 7 pm virtually via video conference. Please keep an eye on the calendar for updates!

Sponsorship Opportunity

If you know of someone interested in becoming a new or returning JWC sponsor, please email the Sponsorship Chair: monaberkemeyer@jwc-wyoming.org .  Sponsorship is accepting sponsor commitments through October 26th so don’t delay if you have a sponsor name to share with the sponsorship committee! 

The Good of this Club

Did you use Pick-A-Time to schedule your conferences? We funded that! 🙂

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'JWC WYOMI Did you know? The Wyoming Primary Schools used grant from the JWC to pay for the Pick Time scheduling software to allow parents and teachers to easily find times when both parties were available for conferences.'

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Hope you have a great week!

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