10.13.20 JWC Update

Executive Summary:
* Fall Social Tomorrow
* October Service SignUp
* October General Meeting

October General Meeting

The General Meeting in October will be with your fundraising committee. Expect an email from your fundraising chairs with more information. New members are invited to attend the fundraising meeting of your choice.

Light Up: Virtual, Wednesday Oct. 21st, 7pm

Euchre: Erin Warman’s patio, 346 Fleming Road, Wednesday Oct 21st, 7pm

Sponsorship: Mona Berkemeyer’s patio, 170 Mt Pleasant Ave, Wednesday Oct 21st, 7pm

Shamrocks: Erin Daugherty’s patio, 161 Linden Drive, Thursday Oct 22nd, 6:30 pm

Mums: Virtual, Oct 28th, 8pm

Fall Social Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our first social event of the year! We look forward to seeing you at 6:30pm on the Village Green. This will be a members-only social. Please bring your mask.

October Service

A note from our Service Chair, Katie Conrad:

Happy Fall!  As discussed at our last general meeting we will be doing service a little different this year and rather than focusing on individual committees we will be publishing a list of service needs each month and members can feel free to sign-up for activities that work best for them!  There are a variety of activities available this month, some that can be done alone at home or in small groups.  Donations can also be made if you are tight on time this month and still want to give.  Each activity has a point person listed at the top of the Sign-Up Genius please email them or myself with any questions.  Some of the activities have specific deadlines but if not listed we ask that you complete them all by Oct. 31st!  Happy to serve with you all.  

Please click here for the October Service SignUp.

Sponsorship Opportunity

The Sponsorship Committee will begin connecting with potential sponsors regarding sponsorship opportunities for the 2020-2021 year. If you know of someone interested in becoming a new or returning JWC sponsor, please email the Sponsorship Chairmonaberkemeyer@jwc-wyoming.org . 

Claim your WyCoCo

If you volunteered to help with mums, please be sure to stop by WyCoCo to use your reward.

The Good of this Club

A note from Audrey Coe, a kindergarten teacher at the Academy of World Languages:

My name is Audrey Coe and I am a Kindergarten teacher at AWL. I wanted to send you a huge thank you for your generous heartfelt tidbits donation to our Kindergarten team! Because of your thoughtfulness I feel so much more prepared to welcome students back to school for blended learning during these unprecedented times. Your donation helped to ensure that we have important supplies like individual pencil boxes, mask lanyards, and headphones. Thank you so much for your kindness! 

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Hope to see you Wednesday!

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