10.6.20 JWC Update

Executive Summary:
* October Committee meetings
* Fall Social is next week
* Sponsorship Opportunity

October General Meeting

The General Meeting in October will be with your fundraising committee. Expect an email from your fundraising chairs with more information. New members are invited to attend the fundraising meeting of your choice.

Light Up: Virtual, Wednesday Oct. 21st, 7pm

Euchre: Erin Warman’s patio, 346 Fleming Road, Wednesday Oct 21st, 7 pm

Sponsorship: Mona Berkemeyer’s patio, 170 Mt Pleasant Ave, Wednesday Oct 21st, 7pm

Shamrocks: Erin Daugherty’s patio, 161 Linden Drive, Thursday Oct 22nd, 6:30 pm

Fall Social

Next Wednesday (Oct. 14th) is our first social event of the year! We look forward to seeing you at 6:30pm on the Village Green. This will be a members-only social. Please bring your mask.

Sponsorship Opportunity

The Sponsorship Committee will begin connecting with potential sponsors regarding sponsorship opportunities for the 2020-2021 year. If you know of someone interested in becoming a new or returning JWC sponsor, please email the Sponsorship Chairmonaberkemeyer@jwc-wyoming.org . 

Put a Name with an (unmasked) Face

The Future of JWC Committee has put together a thoughtful activity to help us get to know one another. Each member is being asked to create a Google Slide about themselves. The slide deck and instructions can be found here. Please continue to check back on these slides… it’s great to learn something new about members of our club.

The Good of this Club

One group that received funding from JWC in 2020 for building improvements and social progams was Caracole. Caracole is Greater Cincinnati tristate region’s nonprofit AIDS Service Organization, devoted to positively changing lives in the fight against HIV/AIDS. For more information about the work they do, please click here.

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JWC Club Calendar:

Please bookmark our Club Calendar for any and all event updates.

View our club Google Calendar here

Have a great week!

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