08.18.20- JWC Update

Executive Summary:
* Dues will increase to $75 beginning Sept 1st
* Volunteer for the Mums Fundraiser
* Complete your Meet Our Members profile

2020-2021 Service & Fundraising Selections:

Thank you to the many members who have paid their dues and made their committee selections. Dues will increase to $75 on September 1st. For those who haven’t made their selections yet, please click this link today.


  • How much are dues? Dues are $50.
  • What if I’m a chair? First, thank you! Chairs will be placed in their Service or Fundraising selection ahead of time.
  • I would like to select an individual service, how do I make that selection? Members who are interested in committing to an individual service should contact our service chair, Katie Conrad, for board approval.

Any other questions? Please contact Amy Cielak or Kate Wenning.

Fall Mum Sale!

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The JWC Mum Sale is live! We are off to a fantastic start with our first ever mum sale! Thanks to the committee’s hard work we have already brought in over $7,000 in gross sales!! AMAZING!

Please volunteer to help organize deliveries or deliver mums to our neighbors here.

Heartfelt Tidbits Supply Drive:

We are partnering with Heartfelt Tidbits to help Mt. Airy Elementary School purchase supplies for outdoor activities and sanitizing items for the classrooms. The deadline has been extended due to a late start for CPS.

Becky Freud shared the following: “The principal at Mt. Airy cries when she talks about the stuff that she’s received. She cried on their partner call saying that families can’t believe how nice strangers are to their kids. She said it will be the first time many of them have felt love.”

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Meet Our Members Activity:

The Future of JWC Committee has put together a fun activity to help us get to know one and other. Each member is being asked to create a Google Slide all about themselves! The slide deck and instructions can be found here. An extra special thank you goes to April Robles for putting together this fun activity to improve the camaraderie of our club.

JWC Club Calendar:

Please bookmark our Club Calendar for any and all event updates. The 2020-2021 club calendar is being compiled so we’ll let you know when it’s live!

View our club Google Calendar here

Good luck with back to school, whatever that may look like for your family!

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