03.16.20 – JWC Update

Ladies of JWC, coming to you with a very special weekly update. As we all scramble to rearrange our lives to #levelthecurve, let’s all take a moment to be grateful for one and other. It’s times like these that we are reminded that women’s clubs were started with the mission of community welfare. We have a signficant opportunity to lift up and serve our community during this time and to live out our mission of friendship, serivice, and philantrhopy. Thank you for all you do!

Wyoming Carry-Out Connection:

Wyoming Carry-Out Connection is the City of Wyoming’s initiative to provide meals from our local businesses to those who need them. Please visit this link to learn more and participate.

Shamrocks & Pot O Gold:

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Shamrocks & Pot O Gold. We are especially grateful to our chairs, Raquel Bevington and Erin Daugherty, and the Shamrock Committee. A few updates:

  • Please sign up for shifts to move shamrocks. The more helpers the easier it is to socially distance. You will typically only have to pick up at one house and drop at another, so this is a great way to get out of the house with your family!
  • Please continue to promote and purchase Pot O Gold tickets. We know how vital these funds will be for the organizations that we support, so let’s raise all we can. The pot is currently up to over $700! Ticket sales close down on 3/17 at 5:00 PM. The drawing will be held via Facebook Live at 6:30 PM on 3/17. Thank you to Helen McCormick for leading up STP.
Sign Up!

JWC Club Calendar:

The next General Meeting will be held virtually via Google Hangouts Meet. You can join by clicking the link in the meeting invite or by using this link: https://meet.google.com/sgz-xfko-een. You can also join by phone at +1 412-729-2148‬ PIN: ‪320 354 668‬#. Please see the following Google Hangouts Meet for joining the meeting:

  • Join via a laptop or desktop that is connected to wifi for the best experience.
  • If joining via phone or tablet, allow extra time ahead of the meeting to download the Google Hangouts App.
  • Once you join, please mute your microphone.
  • Click the word bubble icon to view the chat. This is how you can communicate with the group while muted.

Spring Social Canceled: We are canceling our Spring social activity. We will reevaluate May Buffet and other meetings as things progress.

View our club Google Calendar here

2020 Disbursements Proposal:

Denise will be reviewing our 2020 Disbursements Proposal during the Virtual General Meeting. You will be emailed the proposal draft prior to the meeting so you can come prepared with questions. Please keep this document confidential as it is not finalized until we have voted to approve the funding. Any questions prior to the meeting can be emailed to deniselitter@jwc-wyoming.org.

Do You Need Help During Quarantine?

If you or someone you know needs help during quarantine, please reach out either through our Members Facebook Page or through our service chair, Rosie Hatton at rosiehatton@jwc-wyoming.org.

Shamrock Hunt:

Looking for something fun to do with your kids. How about a Shamrock Hunt? Download the following coloring page for all of the details.

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